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How to Find Discounted Air New Zealand Business Class to Europe and The USA

Posted by Fine Travel

12/07/17 12:32

Air New Zealand Business Premier

Although Air New Zealand Business Class specials offer excellent value in comparison to the full retail price, there are other ways to fly in "Business Premier" to Europe or the USA on our national carrier for even less.

Air New Zealand's reputation for consistent quality and the benefits of maintaining a high status in its Airpoints frequent flyer program results in many New Zealand Business Class travellers looking to Air New Zealand as their first preference.  The premium Air New Zealand experience, understandably, also comes at a premium price.



Although Air New Zealand offers its own airfares and aircraft on the popular routes from New Zealand to the United States and London, it has also entered into arrangements with other airlines. It is these arrangements that provides the opportunity to travel in Air New Zealand's Business Premier cabin at a discount.

Air New Zealand Business Premier to Los Angeles 

Subscribers to Fine Travel's Business Class Sales Alerts were alerted to a special flying United Airlines from Auckland to Los Angeles which was almost $2,000pp cheaper than the Air New Zealand's special to Los Angeles that was released at the same time.

How did that work?  The United Airlines special included flying on the Air New Zealand code share service.  In short - Fine Travel clients could buy a United Airlines ticket, but fly to Los Angeles in Air New Zealand's Business Premier cabin and save almost $2,000pp.

This was a great saving snapped up by a number of Fine Travel clients.  It's one we will keep any eye out for each time a Business Class special to the US is released by Air New Zealand and United Airlines.

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Air New Zealand Business Premier to Europe - Part Way

With the longer journey from New Zealand to Europe requiring a stop "half way" (as it is often referred to) Air New Zealand partners with a number of airlines out of New Zealand to that "half way" point.  It is through these partnerships that savings can be made while still enjoying an Air New Zealand experience. Some of the best options we offer are:

  • Virgin Atlantic - Fly Air New Zealand Business Premier to connect with a Virgin Atlantic Business Class flight to Europe.
  • Lufthansa Group - Fly Air New Zealand Business Premier to connect with a Lufthansa, Swiss Air or Austrian Air flight to you desired European destination.
  • Cathay Pacific - Fly Air New Zealand Business Premier to Hong Kong and then on to Europe

During the UK / Europe Business Class Earlybird Season we see discounted Business Class fares available with these airlines, which incorporated a significant amount of flying time in Air New Zealand's Business Premier.

These airlines also generally have a more comprehensive network of connections into Europe which then opens up the benefits of Open Jaw flights to save further time and money

UK / Europe Business Class Specials

Earning Air New Zealand Status and Airpoints?

Air New Zealand generally doesn't award the full "business class" allocation of Status Credits and Airpoints dollars when the ticket you buy is with the partner airline - even if you are flying in Air New Zealand's Business Premier.  

In all other regards, while you are onboard you are treated in the same way as if you were holding an Air New Zealand Business Premier ticket.

Planning To Travel?

In our blog "When is the Best Time to Book a Business Class Airfare to the UK / Europe", we set out our expectations of how the Earlybird seasons unfold based on our past experience.  

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