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Natadola - My "Somewhere Special" for a Fiji Beach Holiday

Posted by Sarah Mattson

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28/10/16 08:14


Natadola, a place that you would only hear about in Fiji, if someone told you about it.

My Tony (my partner in crime, right hand man) took me to Natadola last time we were on holiday in Fiji.

Tony being Fijian, this is one of His favourite beaches on the mainland.

Natadola is around 40min from Nadi, and around 8km from the main road heading down to complete, hidden paradise.

It ticks so many boxes. A long sandy beach, swimming, snorkelling, jet skiing, fishing as well as bare back horse riding along the beach. 

Upon arriving it is just like a postcard. Pure bloody heaven!  I stripped off as fast as you can say 'get ya gears off' and ran like a 10 year old kid into the water.  There was no chance of me complaining about how hot the sand was once I took my jandals off, I was in!


And the best thing about it....you can stay there!

What I love about Natadola for a Fiji beach holiday is:

  1. You can leave New Zealand on a Friday lunchtime flight and without any stress be sitting at Natadola for sunset drinks. 
  2. It's so easy to get to Fiji for a weekend and return on Monday or Tuesday for lunchtime back in Auckland.
  3. There is no transit time like when you are heading out to the islands. Obviously, the islands offer a different appeal but when time is limited and you just wish to get away from it all with a group of friends, or as a couple Natadola, Fiji is a perfect option.

Here are a couple of options for accomodation;

4-5 star - don't even hesitate and stay at the Fiji Intercontinental Golf and Spa Resort.

An adults only suggestion would be the Natadola Beach Resort.

I have others I can pass on to you, feel free to contact me for your next Fiji getaway. 

A little about me....I'm lucky enough to travel to Fiji several times a year. I'm in love with the Fijian people as well as everything Fiji offers as a destination.

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