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The Client Testimonials Speak for Themselves...

Posted by Fine Travel

30/11/18 10:30


Here at Fine Travel, we love our clients, and our clients love us... some just have a different way of showing it. We wanted to share this unique email our Travel Consultant John received from our client Andrew after he returned from his latest trip. 

This is the kind of feedback we live for, and we hope you get a chuckle out of it like we did. 


Dear John, 

I'm seriously annoyed that your travel plans for both myself and my wife actually went off without a hitch...

Tickets accepted and validated. Planes left on time and perfectly coordinated. Fine seating and service... (no upgrades, alas... I mentioned your name to the ticket agents, but to no avail). 

In fact, not a bloody thing to complain about at all.

You do realise that all our post-travel dinner parties are now not going to feature horror-airport service, vitally important missed connections, heart-broken relatives stranded in foreign airports, waiting in vain for days on end for us to appear...strange, but exotic, diseases contracted in transit via shonky airline catering, and luggage misdirected to Lagos...?

We'll be shunned by our peers.

"How was your holiday?" they'll ask.

"Perfect", we'll reply. " Er... I see that All Blacks beat South Africa".

So thanks for not providing us with gripping stories of pain and deprivation in far-flung foreign hell-holes.

Fast, efficient, tailored to our needs, extremely cost-effective, your unique blend of personalised professionalism, your attention to detail, your patience and most of all your humour.

You did a brilliant job - and we'll certainly use your fine services next time we travel (probably in about ten years after the pain of Visa bills becomes a distant memory). And I forgive you for stuffing up our dinner party social life.

Great stuff, John. Thank you for all you've done to make our holiday unforgettable.



Thanks for your testimonial, Andrew! We look forward to giving you another trip that you can't complain about again. 

You too can experience a painfully perfect trip... just contact our team today! 

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