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Expedition Cruises: Not Just for the Intrepid Traveller

Posted by Fine Travel

30/12/19 12:47

The cruise lines offering Expedition Cruises have taken clear steps to be more inclusive.  Voyages are educational experiences with cruise lines offering itineraries and voyages on a spectrum of "soft expedition" through to "true expedition". 


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4 Inspiring Experiences for ‘Time Rich Travellers’

Posted by Fine Travel

06/12/18 10:00

Up until now in life, you've spent your time running from pillar to post. Even your holidays have been fast and furious! Time constraints from juggling family and work have left you planning every detail of your holidays so you wouldn't miss anything of significance. The last thing you wanted was to leave a destination without experiencing everything that the place has to offer. By the end of a holiday, you needed another one to recover!


Topics: Expedition Cruises, Experiences

Luxury Cruise Line Ponant Expands Antarctica and Expedition Cruise Fleet

Posted by Daniel - Owner & CEO of Fine Travel

24/03/18 06:52

When Ponant first offered cruise itineraries from New Zealand, I was interested to learn that it offered Antarctica cruises.  My initial impression was that Ponant, a luxury French cruise line, would be a cruise line for the Mediterranean.  Learning that it was one of the leading "luxury expedition" cruise lines was an eye opener and explains why Ponant is making an additional commitment to its fleet for Expedition cruises.


Topics: Cruise Holiday Tips, South America and Antarctica, Expedition Cruises

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