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When is the Best Time of Year to go to Antarctica

Posted by Fine Travel

18/10/19 13:40


As a seasonal destination, knowing the right time of year to go to Antarctica is important.  There are two other important questions: When to book your Antarctica Cruise and when to book the flights to join your Antarctica Cruise.

Where to Go in Antarctica

Map of AntarcticaA quick note on "where to go" before we get to "when to go".  On the map you'll see the two main Antarctic destinations: The Antarctic Peninsula (south of South America) and The Ross Sea (south of New Zealand). Where you go will determine when you can go (as the seasons are different).

When to Go to Antarctica

Cruises visit Antarctica between November and March each year (weather permitting).  Interestingly though, within that four month window you have the opportunity to see different things depending on when you go.

October - November

This is spring time in Antarctica and when you will find some of the best priced cruise departures.  The penguins are on their eggs at this time of year and the landscape is still pristine and snow covered.

December - January

During December the penguin eggs start to hatch and the Humpback whales return to the peninsula.  This is the peak of the wildlife season in Antarctica.

Ross Sea Expeditions (the area south of New Zealand) start to depart.

February - March

This is the best whale watching period in the Peninsula.  For photography enthusiasts the light is beautiful.  In late February the Penguins start to moult.  

The last Ross Sea Expeditions start.

When to Book your Antarctica Cruise


Due to the short season you'll generally need to be booking at least a year in advance (generally only a deposit is required when booking that far in advance). So at the time of writing this article, we can provide advice and pricing for October 2020 to March 2021 itineraries.

It's also important to remember that Expedition Cruise ships are generally much smaller than traditional cruise ships.  As only 100 people are allowed on the ice at one time, smaller ships are popular - but it also means that they are more likely to sell out.

On rare occasions special offers are available for those open to making last minute decisions - so for the October 2019 to March 2020 season select cruise lines have last minute special offers.  When include such offers in our Cruise Holiday Sales Alerts.

When to Book your Airfares

For cruises departing from South America for the Antarctic Peninsula there are three main airline options for flights to South America:

  • Air New Zealand's direct flight from Auckland to Buenos Aires
  • LATAM's direct flight from Auckland to Santiago
  • Qantas' codeshare flight to Australia to connect with a LATAM flight to Santiago

Once you get to South America there will generally be a further "domestic" flight to the ultimate departure port (commonly Ushuaia).

These flights go on sale at various times of the year and we alert our clients to the sales as they are released via our Business Class and Premium Economy Sales Alerts. and include them on the Fine Travel South America Business Class and Premium Economy Specials page. 

Given the length of the flights to South America, Premium Economy and Business Class are often preferred.  Generally when these airfares go on sale there are also Economy Class specials which we can access.

Some cruise lines will offer a charter flight to the departure port (such as from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia) and often an overnight stopover will be required because of the connection times.

If the idea of crossing the Drake Passage doesn't appeal (or you're short on time), options are available to fly to Antarctica to join a cruise.

Choosing the Right Antarctic Cruise for You

Antarctica Zodiac

There is quite a remarkable variety of cruise lines that offer itineraries to Antarctica.  From luxurious "soft expedition" options (Ponant's Expedition Fleet is one of the leading cruise lines in Antarctica) through to quite authentic "icebreaker" ships, and options in between.  A description you will often see is "Small Ships".  You can explore a selection of itineraries on the dedicated Fine Travel cruise website.

Find Your Antarctica Cruise

When it choosing the right cruise line, cruise ship and itinerary for you, Antarctica is a destination where we can help with our experience, including:

  • Sending you brochures to consider
  • Answering any questions
  • Compiling quotes and researching any special offers
  • Presenting comprehensive itineraries including airfares, the cruise itineraries, pre and post accommodation and travel insurance. 

Many of our specialist partners have been to Antarctica so we can also arrange first hand answers from "on the ice".

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